‘Agents of Mystery’ Unscripted Netflix Korean Series: What We Know So Far

Agents Of Mystery Netflix K Drama

A new unscripted South Korean series starring Aespa’s Karina is coming to Netflix sometime soon. We’re keeping track of everything you need about the upcoming series, including the stars set to feature, the synopsis, and the Netflix release date.

Agents of Mystery is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original unscripted series directed by Jung Jong Yeon.

When is the Netflix release date?

At the time of writing, Netflix has yet to confirm a release date for the unscripted series.

We would expect Agents of Mystery to be released sometime in late 2024.

What is Agents of Mystery?

MyDramaList has translated a synopsis for the unscripted series from the Korean website yna.co.kr;

“It depicts the story of an investigative team dedicated to special cases that cannot be solved by regular departments, tracking down cases at sites where strange things have happened.”

Who are the cast members of Agents of Mystery?

So far, six cast members have been confirmed for Agents of Mystery;

Lee Hye Ri has only starred in one project on Netflix, where she had a guest role in an episode of Record of Youth. She is known for starring in K-dramas such as Reply 1988, My Roommate Is a Gumiho, Moonshine, and May I Help You.

Agents Of Mystery Netflix K Drama Lee Hye Ri

Picture: Lee Hye Ri

Lee Yong Jin is a South Korean comedian and is most well known for starring in the sketch comedy series Comedy Big League. He has been the host for several popular unscripted shows such as Drink With God, Yong Jin’s Health Center, Ava Dream, and Yong Jin Ho’s Monstrous Date.

Agents Of Mystery Netflix K Drama Lee Yong Jin

Picture: Lee Yong Jin

John Park, the former Superstar K2 runner-up, has yet to feature in an unscripted series for Netflix.

Agents Of Mystery Netflix K Drama John Park

Picture: John Park

Kim Do Hoon has yet to star in a Netflix Original, but he was recently seen in the Disney+ K-drama series Moving, where he played the role of Lee Kang Hoon.

Agents Of Mystery Netflix K Drama Kim Do Hoon

Picture: Kim Do Hoon

Lee Eun Ji is another South Korean comedian who has yet to star in an unscripted series for Netflix. She has been a guest on several shows and some of those herself, such as Alumni Lovers, The Wedding War, and Panda Ideas.

Agents Of Mystery Netflix K Drama Lee Eun Ji

Picture: Lee Eun Ji

Karina is a K-pop idol of the girl group Aespa and its frontwoman. She has starred in two drama roles, most recently in the Korean sitcom Better Things, which featured the other members of Aespa.

Agents Of Mystery Netflix K Drama Karina

Picture: Karina

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