“Angus vomited onto my face”: Angus Cloud’s Alleged Former Manager Has a Disturbing Overdose Story of the Euphoria Star

Tragically, Angus Cloud, the adored Euphoria actor, was pronounced dead at his family’s residence on August 31. A few months ago, Diomo Cordero, who asserted to be Angus Cloud’s talent manager in 2021, made a startling claim. According to Cordero, he had the harrowing experience of reviving the Euphoria actor after a drug overdose.

Angus Cloud
Angus Cloud

At the age of 25, Cloud passed away under circumstances that remain undisclosed. On Monday, TMZ reported that his mother made a distressing call to 911, expressing concerns that he may have experienced a “possible overdose.” 

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Angus Cloud Was Battling S*icidal Thoughts

At his residence in Oakland, Angus Cloud was tragically pronounced deceased, surrounded by sorrowful loved ones. The Cloud family disclosed that he had been grappling with suicidal thoughts during the preceding week, which was exacerbated by the recent loss of his father, whom they had recently laid to rest in Ireland.

Cordero’s statements from April now offer some insight into the potential cause of Cloud’s passing. According to Cordero, he had first encountered Angus during his time working as a mental health technician at a rehabilitation center, where the actor was reportedly a patient. 

Police want to find Angus Cloud to know more about what hppened
Angus Cloud

On Twitter, Cordero made his remarks, shedding light on the situation, but he swiftly deleted the tweets afterward. However, he revealed that the disclosure negatively impacted both their business and personal relationship, indicating that the sensitive nature of the topic had strained their connection. The temporary public glimpse into their dynamics offered a brief glimpse of the complexities behind their association and the potential consequences of sharing such personal information.

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Angus Cloud Vomitted On His Manager

The purported ex-manager also recounted a harrowing incident where he claimed to have administered CPR and Narcan to revive the actor after an overdose of prescription pills. “Regrettably, as he regained consciousness, Angus vomited onto my face,” Cordero tweeted.

According to a source close to the family, TMZ learned that Cloud was grappling with profound s*icidal thoughts upon returning from Ireland, where they had recently laid his father to rest. In an attempt to cope with the overwhelming grief, the actor had been staying with his family. 

Angus Cloud
Angus Cloud

Cordero also claimed that he took charge of arranging for Cloud’s admission to another rehabilitation facility while the actor was still filming the last two weeks of the second season of the HBO series. Despite being in rehab, the actor allegedly persisted in drug use and eventually left the facility against medical advice to proceed with filming for the movie Your Lucky Day

As the actor readied for a new role in another production, on the night before his departure to Oklahoma, Cordero received distressing news from one of Cloud’s housemates. The housemate informed him that the actor was facing breathing difficulties. Without hesitation, Cordero responded promptly, rushing to the scene. He asserted that he administered Narcan and performed CPR on Cloud, taking swift action in a crucial moment.

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