‘Berlin’ Season 2: Will Netflix Renew or Cancel the ‘Money Heist’ Prequel?

Berlin Season 2 Will Netflix Renew Or Cancel

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The long-anticipated follow-up to Berlin dropped on Netflix in December 2023 and has been making waves in the Netflix top 10 charts, but will it be back for a season 2? We look into the current renewal status of the show, what we could expect from a second season, and what the cast and crew of the show have said about its future prospects. 

Introducing a new team and rewinding the clock on Money Heist, the prequel series saw Pedro Alonso suit up once again as the iconic character Andrés de Fonollosa or better known by his codeword, Berlin.

All eight episodes making up season 1 of Berlin dropped on Netflix globally over the festive period in 2023 on December 29th, 2023.

Has Netflix renewed or canceled Berlin for season 2?

Official Renewal Status for Berlin S2: Not Yet Renewed
Our Renewal Prediction for Berlin S2: Certain Renewal

berlin netflix series coming in december 2023

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As of February 2024, the show has yet to be officially renewed by Netflix for a season 2. It’s notably not labeled within the application as a limited series or in any of the promotional materials, and the ending certainly leaves the door open for more.

As you can see – we’ve given the show an almost certain renewal at the streamer, which comes down to its viewership performance. Having now gotten into the all-time top 10

In addition, you may have read our report on the fact that Alex Pina has even suggested that the main Money Heist series may be coming back in some form. Speaking to a UK trade magazine, Pina said:

“We stopped shooting Money Heist in its fifth season when the series was at its peak. We decided not to do another part at that time, or a new heist, and we really made that decision because the series was at its peak.

The fifth season got the highest rating of them all, so it’d have been easy to shoot seasons six and seven, but we chose not to do them at that point, to stop the franchise and instead come back with a spin-off. It is now a good time to find out if the audience still wants it and whatever happens will have an important effect on our growth.”

How well is Berlin performing on Netflix?

Using various sources, we can see how well Berlin is performing on Netflix so far. We’ll start with the most important statistics – those from Netflix and the global top 10s.

As of publishing on February 7th, 2024 – the series has featured in the global top 10 charts for all six weeks it has been able to. In addition, in week 6, the show managed to join Money Heist parts 3, 4, and 5 in ranking in the all-time top 10 as the ninth biggest international TV series of all time, with 51.9 million completed viewing equivalents. It’ll likely continue rising in the weeks to come.

How does its viewership hours break down so far? Let’s have a look:

Week Period Hours Viewed Views / CVE Rank Week in Top 10
December 24th, 2023 to December 31st, 2023 74,300,000 11,300,000 1 1
December 31st, 2023 to January 7th, 2024 146,400,000 (+97%) 22,300,000 1 2
January 7th, 2024 to January 14th, 2024 57,000,000 (-61%) 8,700,000 1 3
January 14th, 2024 to January 21st, 2024 32,700,000 (-43%) 5,000,000 1 4
January 21st, 2024 to January 28th, 2024 18,600,000 (-43%) 2,800,000 2 5
January 28th, 2024 to February 4th, 2024 11,800,000 (-37%) 1,800,000 4 6

Where was the show most popular? We can use FlixPatrol and its brilliant heatmaps to find out just that. From their heatmap, we can see that the show has strong performance in pretty much all non-English speaking countries worldwide, whether throughout Europe or Latin America. We can see the show is continuing its IP popularity in India, too, although it’s not as strong in other APAC regions. This is even more perplexing as to why the first spin-off for the show went to South Korea rather than a Bollywood version or a Latin American version.

It’s also proving to be sticky too with many regions still having the show in their TV top 10s.

Popularity Heatmap For Berlin Season 1 Netflix

Heatmap popularity map for FlixPatrol

What will happen in Berlin season 2? How does season 1 set up a second season?

Warning: Spoilers for the ending of Berlin season 1. 

Assuming the show does get renewed? What can we expect? A new locale? A new team?

Despite the heist that occurred throughout the series, looking at the penultimate episode to be going awry, thanks to diligent planning and quick thinking, everyone manages to escape (some by only the skin of their teeth) by the close of the final episode that was titled: “An Endangered Elephant.”

Having agreed to give Camile a larger share of the heist take, she’s seen driving into the sunset. As for Berlin, now with a slightly wounded ego, he’s got his sights on another heist with Damián.

There’s been much speculation about where we’re headed next. Some suspect we may be headed to Singapore next, while others suggested that Berlin should be the next location, given his namesake. Some others have speculated that a future season could introduce Álvaro (The Professor) back into the mix, given that he’s referenced throughout a few times. Likewise, could we see more of Alicia, Raquel, or Berlin’s other partners over the years?

Either way, we suspect another heist is on the cards.

Do you want to see Berlin return for a second season on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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