Bokuyaba Presents Dangers for Your Heart With Shimauma Burger Collab

When you hear the words “danger,” “heart,” and “burger” together, it’s usually never a good thing. That is until The Dangers in My Heart (Bokuyaba) x Shumauba Burger collab! Once upon a time, you’d take your partner to a movie, a night at the town, share a meal at a fancy restaurant, and walk them home. Well, inflation not only killed the economy, it killed chivalry too! No one has the money to afford fancy restaurants, so burger joints and family restaurants are the go-to dating spots for the broke and young. But you can’t just go to any place. You need class and elegance! You need to wow! A regular Big Mac and chicken tendies can’t help you in your quest for love.

The Dangers In My Heart x Shimauma Burger Collab store fronts

So, where do you turn? Well, do The Dangers In My Heart and Shimauma Burger have a place for you! Running from the 26 of January until the 29 of February (2024 is a leap year, one more day of suffering, ain’t that nice?) the BokuYaburger collaboration between the two franchises promises a cozy date spot for love-struck weebs or plain ol’ foodies.

The Dangers In My Heart x Shimauma Burger collab menu

Like all collaborations, the The Dangers In My Heart x Shimauma Burger Collab will feature limited edition merch of the show and playful menu items based on it will be available during a short period. Points need to be deducted from the marketing team for not using character motifs in their food. Especially when anyone who’s spent time in a professional kitchen knows that a line cook and chef saw they were going to work with The Dangers In My Heart franchise and immediately made a joke about needing an ultra-thick burger to represent Yamada and an extra-small order of fries to represent Ichikawa. That’s not conjecture that’s how kitchens work. The restaurant’s regular burgers and drinks will also be available during this time and a quick look at their menu shows some pretty tasty food.

While the motifs are limited, a limited edition The Dangers In My Heart sticker comes with any purchase over USD 20 (in-your-face happy meals). Tin badges will also be available for sale, and if you don’t have at least one of those on your backpack, are you really even an anime fan? That said, make sure to check out the The Dangers In My Heart x Shimauma Burger Collab

The Dangers In My Heart currently consists of two seasons, the latter is currently airing on HiDive in its UNCENSORED version (jk, teehee). Telling the story of Kyoutarou Ichikawa and Anna Yamada, it’s a romance show that focuses on how nuances one’s first love can be. It’s currently dominating our weekly ranking so it’s well worth the watch

Source: Shimauba Burger Collab X
©Norio Sakurai (Akita Shoten) / Boku Yaba Production Committee

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