Every Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Episode, Ranked

Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia is a comedy-drama series that revolves around teenager Ginny Miller (Antonia Gentry), her free-spirited mother Georgia (Brianne Howey), and her little brother Austin (Diesel La Torraca) as they move to a town called Wellsbury for a fresh start after Georgia’s husband mysteriously dies. Georgia tries to keep her past behind her, however, dark secrets come to the surface, and tensions arise between the mother-daughter duo.

Ginny & Georgia Season 2 consists of Ginny trying to deal with the fact that Georgia murdered Ginny’s stepdad to protect Ginny from being sexually assaulted. Ginny struggles with the knowledge of knowing that Georgia not only killed someone but that she killed him to protect Ginny. Here is every Ginny & Georgia Season 2 episode, ranked.

10 Welcome Back, Bitches! (Episode 1)

ginny & georgia

Ginny and Austin spend Thanksgiving with Zion (Nathan Mitchell), Ginny’s dad in Boston. During their visit, Ginny tells Zion that she burns herself and asks him if she can live with him. Ginny begs Zion to not tell Georgia about Ginny burning herself with a lighter and later agrees to move back home to Wellsbury with Georgia.

In Wellsbury, Georgia puts on a brave face pretending that it doesn’t upset her that Ginny and Austin are gone at Zion’s house. Georgia deep-fries everything for Thanksgiving and tells Mayor Paul (Scott Porter) that he hasn’t lived until he has deep-fried a Twinkie. Georgia tells him to “engrave that on my tombstone.”

9 Why Does Everything Have To Be so Terrible, All the Time, Forever? (Episode 2)

Georgia and Nick in Ginny and Georgia

Ginny and Austin go back to school after being in Boston for two weeks and Ginny receives a cold welcome from her friends. Later, Ginny has her first therapy session with Dr. Lily and talks about “car camping” and growing up poor with a single mom.

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Meanwhile, Georgia wants Paul to move in now that they are engaged and asks Cynthia (Sabrina Grdevich) to sponsor her for the neighborhood club. Georgia worries that Nick (Dan Beirne) will reveal what he knows about her and Austin hugs Zach after learning that Zach’s dad is dying.

8 Latkes Are Lit (Episode 5)

Ablack in Ginny & Georgia

Blue Farm Café hosts its first open mic night while Georgia throws a party for her initiation into the neighborhood club, the theme, is a murder mystery. Paul tells Zion that he knows that Zion and Georgia slept together before Paul and Georgia got engaged, and Joe (Raymond Ablack) overhears their conversation.

Austin has a surprise visitor at school. Marcus (Felix Mallard) plays the guitar with Hunter in Brodie’s basement and Samantha asks Ginny how she learned how to play the piano since Ginny grew up poor.

7 Happy My Birthday to You (Episode 4)

Waisglass in Ginny & Georgia

Maxine (Sara Waisglass) and Marcus turn 16 and Georgia catches Marcus sneaking through Ginny’s bedroom window. At the Blue Farm Café, Paul tells Georgia that he thinks Joe has a crush on her. Later in the episode, Ginny throws a party and Marcus tells Ginny that he loves her, “today, tomorrow, forever.”

6 Let Us Serenade the Sh*t Out of You (Episode 7)

Gentry in Ginny & Georgia

Georgia confronts Zion about him knowing Ginny was burning herself and insists on going to Ginny’s therapy session with her. At school, Ginny refuses to do the lesson plan for Mr. Gitten and walks out of class.

Austin receives a new watch from Georgia following Gil’s (Aaron Ashmore) arrival in town. Gil tells Cynthia that Georgia embezzled money from his company, framed him, got him fired, and sent him to prison. Meanwhile, Ginny throws Georgia a surprise bachelorette party at the Blue Farm Café and Joe finds the sunglasses he lent to Georgia years ago.

5 What Are You Playing at, Little Girl? (Episode 3)

Douglas in Ginny & Georgia

Ginny and Abby (Katie Douglas) skip class together and the two bond while smoking marijuana. Meanwhile, Georgia has a meeting with Austin’s teacher who suggests he be evaluated by the guidance counselor because he is behind in school and showing signs of anxiety.

In therapy, Dr. Lily wants to help Ginny identify what triggers Ginny to self-harm and suggests Ginny wears a rubber band around her wrist and snap it when she feels like self-harming. Later that night, Georgia and Ginny have an emotional talk in the car after Georgia has a panic attack.

Ginny asks Georgia why she killed Kenny. Georgia tells Ginny that she didn’t have another option and that she did it to keep Ginny safe because “that hand doesn’t stop at a thigh” and Georgia wished her mom would have stopped that hand.

4 Hark! Darkness Descends! (Episode 8)

Mallard in Ginny & Georgia

Marcus’s behavior concerns his friends and family, and he opens up about his depression. Later during the school play, Maxine kisses Silver while Marcus and Ginny break up. Cynthia helps Georgia after seeing the aggression in Gil during a confrontation between the two. Austin has a play date at Zach’s house and witnesses Georgia putting a pillow over Cynthia’s husband’s face while he hides in the closet.

3 A Very Merry Ginny & Georgia Christmas Special (Episode 6)

Brianne Howey in Ginny and Georgia

Georgia is unsettled that Ginny called her a “monster” in her poem during open mic night at Blue Farm Café and Gil shows Austin’s classmates a magic trick and tells Austin to not tell Georgia that he is in town.

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At the Blue Farm Café, Joe and Cynthia share an intimate night. Tensions are high during Christmas dinner at the Millers after Georgia invites Paul and Zion’s parents over for dinner. Later Georgia reads Ginny’s journal and finds out about Ginny burning herself.

2 Kill Gil (Episode 9)

Ashmore in Ginny & Georgia

Georgia admits to Ginny that she accidentally killed her first husband. Later, Joe asks Georgia if she has feelings for him and Georgia cancels the wedding. Gil continues to make threats towards Georgia and a confrontation occurs. Gil grabs Georgia physically hurting her, prompting Austin to grab Georgia’s gun and shoot Gil.

1 I’m No Cinderella (Episode 10)

Porter and Howey in Ginny & Georgia

Georgia’s past begins to surface right at the worst possible time forcing her to choose to either come clean to Paul about who she really is and about Gil or take Ginny and Austin and run.

Paul and Georgia end up saying “I do,” however, during their first dance as husband and wife, Georgia is arrested for the murder of Tom Fuller, Cynthia’s husband. Ginny and Austin are distraught and Austin chases after the police car as it takes Georgia away.

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