Everything Announced at Netflix’s Geeked Week 2023 So Far

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Geeked Week is here! Between November 6th and November 12th, Netflix will be dropping a bunch of news, first looks, and more about upcoming movies, series, and games. Below, we’ll be tracking in a helpful document all the announcements so far. 

Want to see the full schedule of what’s still to come? Check out our preview for Geeked Week 2023 here, which includes the entire lineup. Everything below is all the announcements and teases to have been released thus far. We’ll also be incorporating the live streams and a live blog from ourselves, too.

Wednesday – Day 3  – Social Teases Day 2

Tuesday – Day 2  – Social Teases Day 1

  • Damsel – A new poster for the Millie Bobby Brown-led fantasy movie – full trailer releasing on the Saturday livestream

damsel netflix movie poster

Monday – Day 1 – Stranger Things Day

A somewhat subdued start to Geeked Week, with the annual Stranger Things day landing on Monday, but with season 5 still on pause because of the ongoing strikes, we didn’t get too many announcements. What did we learn then?

Here’s a quick rundown of what was revealed:

  • Stranger Things: The First Shadow 
  • Stranger Things Gaming News
    • Fortnite – Multiple Fortnite skins land in the Fortnite shop, including ones of Eleven and Hopper.
    • Dead by Daylight – both fans and non-fans can rejoice as you’ll no longer be seeing people begging for Netflix to re-add Stranger Things to the popular DBD video game with the announcement that previously announced DLC will be returning.
    • A new first look at the new VR game simply called Stranger Things VR that will see Jamie Campbell Bower voice the role of Vecna. It launches on Meta Quest on November 30th.
  • Stranger Things Season 5 News
    • We got a crumb in the form of the first line of the script from season 5 episode 1:
script for stranger things season 5 episode 1

Script for Stranger Things season 5 episode 1

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