First Villain in James Gunn’s DCU Accidentally Leaked? Major Spoiler About David Corenswet’s Superman Revealed

It seems that James Gunn’s DCU is quite overexcited with their latest magnum opus of a project, Superman: Legacy. With a hard reboot of the entire DC Universe by Gunn and co-head Peter Safran, Superman is the only character that people have been wanting to see after Henry Cavill’s controversial removal.

With David Corenswet in the lead role, the case for the antagonist in the upcoming movie seems to be of paramount importance. From what rumors and speculations suggest, keen-eyed audiences have deduced that the major antagonist in James Gunn’s upcoming magnum opus will be Brainiac.

James Gunn at an event
James Gunn at an event

Did James Gunn’s DCU Accidentally Revealed Their Plans?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty Sherlocky deductions, it has been reported that the antagonist of Superman: Legacy will be the anti-hero group named The Authority (or at least some of its members). Several fans and insiders speculate that The Authority is not the only baddie in town.

Superman and Brainiac
Superman and Brainiac

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The official Twitter account of Superman revealed three character comic arcs that inspired James Gunn to pen down Superman: Legacy. In the post, the comic written by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank was showcased, and the title of the comic read “Brainiac”. It seems that the DCU would surely not mislead the audience and Brainiac would be a major part of Superman: Legacy.

Truth be told, there have been several allegations of the DCU misleading audiences but not under James Gunn’s reign. The comic book story sees Brainiac looking at Earth and the Man of Steel that protects it and the rest is history. It seems that Superman: Legacy will be one of the stepping foundations of James Gunn’s DCU.

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James Gunn Also Wants Plastic Man In Superman: Legacy.

James Gunn may want to bring Matthew Lillard as Plastic Man in Superman: Legacy!
James Gunn may want to bring Matthew Lillard as Plastic Man in Superman: Legacy!

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No, we are not making the names up. There is indeed a hero in DC Comics by the name of Plastic Man much like the Condiment King from the DCAU. Back in the year 2002, James Gunn was associated with the movie Scooby Doo. 

Finding a great bond with notable actor Matthew Lillard who portrayed the role of Shaggy Rogers in the movie, Gunn had pitched a Plastic Man movie back in 2002. The project never gained traction but now that Gunn is the co-head of the DCU, it seems that Plastic Man is someone who can give a cameo in the DCU. There are also rumors that Superman: Legacy will inculcate The Terrifics, a group that largely features Plastic Man alongside them.

Superman: Legacy, directed by James Gunn, is set for a release date of 11th July 2025 in theaters across the world, if the SAG-AFTRA protest and the WGA strike don’t cause delays in the release of the movie!

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