How Much of the Manga has Netflix’s One Piece Adapted So Far?

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Pictured: One Piece volume 1 – Shueshia

One Piece is currently one of the world’s most popular fictional franchises and has just released its live-action adaptation on Netflix. To the delight of manga and anime fans, the live-action One Piece has been a hit. But with a story spanning over 26 years, and almost 1100 manga chapters, how much of the story has the live-action adapted so far? Less than 10%!

Throughout the course of the live-action One Piece’s run on Netflix, we’ll be keeping track of how much of the manga has been adapted so far. Spoiler alert, It currently sits at less than 10%! With over 1,000 chapters to adapt, it’s going to be a long journey for the team at Tomorrow Studios and Netflix.

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Total % of Manga Adapted

At the time of writing the live-action One Piece has adapted 95 out of the 1091 published manga chapters.

This means after one season, eight episodes, and 451 minutes, only 8.7% of the story has been adapted into Netflix’s live-action adaptation.

As more weeks pass, and more manga chapters are published the total % of chapters adapted will get smaller.

Total Percentage of Manga Chapters Adapted: 8.7%

Season 1

Episode 1 – Romance Dawn

Manga Chapters: 1-7 | Manga Volumes: 1
Anime Episodes: 3
Story Arc: Romance Dawn

Echiira Oda’s incredible pirate odyssey began over 26 years ago on July 22nd, 1997. All these years later One Piece is a global powerhouse and one of the biggest fictional franchises on the planet.

The first volume introduced to the happy-go-lucky rookie pirate Luffy, and the first two members of his crew the pirate hunter Zoro, his first mate, and cat burglar Nami, his navigator.

Other great characters were introduced in volume one such as Koby and Helmeppo.

Episode Synopsis

“A boy named Monkey D. Luffy embarks on a journey to attain the greatest treasure: the one piece. After the former pirate king’s public execution 22 years ago, the world has entered a great pirate era, and Luffy aims to be at the top.”

romance dawn volume 1 one piece manga netflix

Pictured: Volume 1 of the One Piece Manga – Shueshia

Episode 2 – The Man in the Straw Hat

Manga Chapters: 8-21 | Manga Volumes: 1-3
Anime Episodes: 4-8
Story Arc: Orange Town

Our introduction to Buggy the Clown of the Buggy Pirates, with a 15 million beri bounty on his head, Buggy is the second pirate captain defeated by Luffy.

Volume 3 introduced Gaimon, a strange pirate who had been stranded on the Island of Rare Animals for years. However, his character was not used in the live-action adaptation.

We also saw the introduction of Usopp, who would soon join the crew as the sniper.

Episode Synopsis

“Luffy, Zoro, and Nami find themselves imprisoned on an island overtaken by the deranged clown pirate, Buggy. Koby joins the Marines and proves his mettle.”

omnibus 1 volumes 1 to 3 one piece manga netflix

Pictured: The omnibus 1 of the One Piece Manga – Shueshia

Episode 3 – Tell No Tales

Manga Chapters: 22-28 | Manga Volumes: 4-5
Anime Episodes: 9-12
Story Arc: Syrup Village

The Syrup Village arc is in full swing as Luffy, Nami, Zoro, and Usopp take on Kuro, the captain of the Black Cat pirates, the fourth antagonist of the story so far.

Episode Synopsis

“Luffy, Zoro, and Nami land in Syrup Village, where they meet Usopp, a local who introduced the group to Kaya, a sickly shipyard heiress under the care of trio of overbearing house staff. With the help of Koby, Vice Admiral Garp, a powerful marine, sets off in search of Luffy”

volumes 3 4 one piece manga netflix

Pictured: Volumes 3 and 4 of the One Piece Manga – Shueshia

Episode 4 – The Pirates Are Coming!

Manga Chapters: 29-41 | Manga Volumes: 4-5
Anime Episodes: 13-18
Story Arc: Syrup Village

Despite a 16 billion beri bounty on the head of Captain Kuro, Luffy takes down his third pirate captain of the story and helps Usopp save Kaya.

It’s here where the Straw Hat Pirates get their iconic pirate ship, the Going Merry.

Episode Synopsis

“Luffy, Zoro, and Nami fight their way through Kaya’s mansion, which has now become a prison. Usopp enlists the help of Koby, Helmeppo, and the Marines. Luffy finally gets the ship of his dreams as Garp closes in.”

volumes 4 5 one piece manga netflix

Pictured: Volumes 4 and 5 of the One Piece Manga – Shueshia

Episode 5 – Eat at Baratie!

Manga Chapters: 42-52 | Anime Episodes: 19-24
Story Arc: Baratie

In the manga, Luffy gets into an altercation with some marines, resulting in the young pirate damaging the Baratie restaurant. To pay back the damage caused, head chef Zeff and the former captain of the Cook Pirates make Luffy their new chore boy. It’s here we meet Sanji, who will go on to become the cook of the Straw Hat crew.

We’re also introduced to Don Krieg, the fourth pirate captain to go one-on-one with Luffy, and Mihawk, the world’s greatest swordsman and one of the seven pirate warlords.

Episode Synopsis

“Luffy and the gang are tested in their ability to fight together on the high seas. They arrive at Baratie, a floating restaurant, where they encounter Sanji, a young chef with a love of fine dining. A duel on the docks shocks the group.”

volumes 5 6 one piece manga netflix

Pictured: Volumes 5 and 6 of the One Piece Manga – Shueshia

Episode 6 – The Chef and the Chore Boy

Manga Chapters: 53-68 | Anime Episodes: 25-30
Story Arc: Baratie

After his most challenging fight yet, it’s here Luffy defeats Don Krieg of the Krieg Pirates and his fourth pirate captain.

Sanji officially joins the crew, leaving Baratie as they go in search of Nami, who was revealed to be working for Arlong of the Arlong Pirates, a fierce Fishman with a bounty of 20 million beri.

Episode Synopsis

The group is ambushed by a threat no one sees coming. After a hard-fought battle at the Baratie, Sanji finally follows his dreams while another crew member shows their true colors.

volumes 6 7 8 one piece manga netflix

Pictured: Volumes 6, 7 and 8 of the One Piece Manga – Shueshia

Episode 7 – The Girl with the Sawfish Tattoo

Manga Chapters:  69-81 | Manga Volumes: 8-9
Anime Episodes: 31-37
Story Arc: Arlong Park

One of the earliest and one of the most iconic moments of One Piece is during Arlong Park as Luffy comes to Nami’s aid, promising her that he will free her, and the villagers of Coco Village from Arlong’s tyrannical rule.

It’s here where the anime’s iconic OST Overtaken was heard for the first time, and has since followed Luffy for the past two decades.

Episode Synopsis

After striking a deal with a familiar foe to find Arlong, Luffy and his friends set sail for Coco Village and learn about Nami’s mysterious past.

volumes 8 9 one piece manga netflix

Pictured: Volumes 8 and 9 of the One Piece Manga – Shueshia

Episode 8 – Worst in the East

Manga Chapters: 82-95 | Manga Volumes: 10-11
Anime Episodes: 38-68
Story: Arlong Park

Luffy defeats his fifth captain in East Blue and the sixth antagonist of the story so far. By speed-running his way through some of the toughest pirates of the East Blue, Luffy would debut his bounty at 30 million beri, solidifying his place as one of the most promising young rookies.

Nami officially joins the crew as the navigator of the Straw Hat crew. The next stop is Loguetown, the very town where Gol D. Roger met his end and the last stop before entering the Grand Line.

Episode Synopsis

The Straw Hat crew strives to take down Arlong and the Fishmen once and for all. After a tense family reunion, Luffy inches closer to his dreams.

volumes 10 11 one piece manga netflix

Pictured: Volumes 10 and 11 of the One Piece Manga – Shueshia

Have you enjoyed the One Piece series on Netflix so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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