“I never think I’ve got a future”: Marvel Star Martin Freeman Might Follow Scarlett Johansson’s Route After Critical Secret Invasion Failure

Martin Freeman made his debut as CIA Agent Everett Ross in Captain America: Civil War. Since then, he has been spotted in several MCU ventures including the latest Disney+ Marvel series Secret Invasion. But it looks like the treatment received by the character in the MCU might force him to follow the exit route as hinted by the actor in his recent statement.

Martin Freeman on method acting
<em>Martin Freeman</em>

There have been many characters starting from the most important ones to the small ones who took their departure from the bandwagon. As per Martin Freeman’s journey till now, it wouldn’t be a lie to admit that Everett Ross is still on the sidelines. After the actor recently spoke to Collider, Ross’ future looks quite uncertain to the fans.

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Spoilers Ahead for the Secret Invasion finale!

Martin Freeman’s statement on his Marvel future

Everett Ross
<em>Martin Freeman as Everett Ross</em>

Following his debut in Captain America: Civil War, Martin Freeman played an important role in Black Panther. While his role in the sequel wasn’t along the lines of his role in the first movie, it used the character for a major revelation. But soon after it was revealed in the Secret Invasion series that Everett Ross was abducted by Gravik and his comrades for their operation. We are not revealed for how long Ross was a Skrull which has raised quite a discussion among the fandom.

But there’s also something else that made several headlines which is Martin Freeman’s future in the universe after his latest statements to Collider hinted at a very doubtful fate.

“No. I never think I’ve got a future in the MCU. I always assume I haven’t, which is the safest M.O. I think it’s the safest thing, given that I’m not one of the A-team in the MCU. I’m definitely on the subs bench. I’m a good little substitute. I can come on when needed, for about five minutes at the end of the game.”

This hinted at quite a questionable future for the English actor as he described himself as a “little substitute”. He is not among the major players which makes the Sherlock fame uncertain about his future. However, Martin Freeman added that he would not feel bad about returning to the universe.

“I’m not assuming anything, that I have a future in the MCU. But whenever it happens, it’s a lovely bonus.”

Although Secret Invasion didn’t answer us about how long Everett Ross was a Skrull, Freeman isn’t ready to agree that he wasn’t himself for so long. The finale also hinted that Rhodey aka War Machine was abducted following Captain America 3 and he has been a Skrull since then. But the Bilbo Baggins star thinks that the scenario’s different in his case.

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Martin Freeman doesn’t agree with being a Skrull for so long

Secret Invasion Everett Ross
<em>Everett Ross was revealed to be a Skrull in Secret Invasion</em>

Despite providing a very disappointing finale, the revelation of Everett Ross in Secret Invasion can play a crucial role in the universe moving forward. But Martin Freeman is miles away from believing that Ross was a Skrull.

“I don’t wanna play Ross as Skrull. I don’t wanna believe he’s been a Skrull this whole time, so I don’t. That’s not what I’ve played. I’ve believed, all the time, in Ross’s integrity, actually. I really enjoy playing Ross, as a Skrull or otherwise. I’ve enjoyed playing him as an organic human man, so I don’t wanna lose him to Skrulldom. So, no, Ross, for me, is not a Skrull.”

It is debatable and depends on the craftsmen of the MCU to know the exact time around when Ross was replaced with a Skrull. But it’s unlikely to follow the route of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow after Freeman’s connection with Valentina Allegra de Fontaine was unveiled in Black Panther 2. Val is slated to be a major character in the future of the MCU with projects like Thunderbolts which led the fans to expect her ex-husband Everett Ross to also be an important character in the story.

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Marvel is next slated to release Season 2 of Loki as their upcoming Disney+ series. Recently the trailer of the Tom Hiddleston series created hype among the fandom as they expect something better than the latest Samuel L. Jackson-led series. Secret Invasion started pretty solid but it also resulted in a more solid crash after the finale received massive critical and audience backlash.

All the episodes of Secret Invasion can be streamed on Disney+ while Loki Season 2 is slated to drop on October 6, 2023, on the streaming platform.

Source: Collider

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