“I really liked that song”: Marvel Star Bradley Cooper’s Demand for His $456M Movie With Lady Gaga Was Turned Down by Producer That Resulted in an Oscar Win

Bradley Cooper-led film A Star Is Born is one of the most memorable pieces of cinema to come out of Hollywood. This movie had an intriguing plot, and Cooper and Lady Gaga played the lead roles, and both delivered phenomenal performances. 

In addition to a powerful star cast and a good plot, what elevated the film to such heights was its musical score. The Academy Award-winning star originally wanted to incorporate Gaga’s song Joanne into the film. However, the music producer had other ideas. 

Mark Ronson co-wrote the song, Shallow for the movie, which became a breakthrough hit. Shallow became a chartbuster, one of the best-selling singles of all time. It also won the Best Original Song Oscar at the 91st Academy Awards.

Bradley Cooper Initially Wanted to Use Another Song in A Star Is Born

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is one of the most successful and creative actors in Hollywood. Cooper has proved his versatility as an artist by starring in genre-busting projects and portraying challenging roles. The actor has led an adventurous life. He has been part of many mind-bending, caustic-comedy, heartwrenching films that have won him several prominent accolades, for he always brings out the best in his on-screen characters.

The Pennsylvania native star has done many lucrative collaborations with many top-tier directors and actors. In 2018, he co-starred with singing sensation Lady Gaga in their shared American romantic drama A Star Is Born. In the flick, he played the role of Jackson, a well-established singer, and husband of Ally Maine, played by Gaga. The singer-actor duo received critical acclaim for their performances, and their undeniable chemistry in the movie also fueled their off-screen rumor romance. 

Mark Ranson and Bradley Cooper
Mark Ranson and Bradley Cooper

The film featured an Oscar-winning song Shallow by the Bloody Mary singer that broke many records and topped several charts. However, The Hangover movie star initially wanted to feature her other hit song, Joanne, instead of Shallow, as music producer Mark Ranson recently revealed that the actor liked Gaga’s song so much that he asked him if he could use it in the movie. Ranson told the NME, 

“We were working on Gaga’s album Joanne and Bradley Cooper stopped by the studio one afternoon. I like his films. He showed up looking like a movie star. So we hung out. He was really sweet, talking about this new script that they were both doing. I played him the song called Joanne, and he’s like, ‘That’s great, can I have it?’ I know he’s a big star and everything, but I really liked that song. And I kind of needed it for Gaga’s record. I agreed to take some time to work on a new song.”

Mark Ranson talked about the song Joanne, which he turned down to be used in Bradley Cooper starrer A Star Is Born, and shared how he helped co-write the hit song Shallow for the film.

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Bradley Cooper Gushed About Working With His Co-star Lady Gaga

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

In a candid interview, Hollywood stalwart Bradley Cooper shared his experience working with singing legend Lady Gaga on their 2018 record-smashing romance drama. The multitalented actor gushed about the singer’s cinematic skills and claimed it was an extraordinary experience sharing the silver screen with her. Cooper said,

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“She’s just so terribly charismatic and beautiful. When I met her, I thought, ‘If I can just harness that … then it’s just for me to mess up.’ But then, when we started working together, I realized, ‘Oh, oh, the sky’s the limit in terms of what she’s able to do and her commitment level.”

Produced and directed by Bradley Cooper, A Star Is Born movie is a star-studded affair that received an overwhelming response from the audience and critics alike. The film boasts an A-list cast ensemble featuring Lady Gaga, Sam Elliott, Rafi Gavron, Andrew Dice Clay, Anthony Ramos, Dave Chappelle, Drena De Niro, and Greg Grunberg.

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Source: NME

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