“I thought, that’s my girlfriend”: Jackie Chan’s Romantic Reaction As He Caught Singer Teresa Teng Gazing At Him After Her Performance

Jackie Chan, without a doubt, has pulled off some of the most dangerous yet majestic stunts in his lifetime and has constructed a thorough legacy that will be remembered for generations to come. 

But, it’s not just his stunts and martial arts that people will remember him for. The massive stardom that he achieved in his life, Chan never let it mess with his humility. 

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

Even Hollywood’s finest and most capable actors hold Chan in the highest of regards. They feel that his wisdom and caliber go far beyond his years, and young actors should aspire to work that much harder.

Being a family man since 1982, Jackie Chan confessed that his marriage to Joan Lin happened after a romantic incident that he kept in his heart until 2015.

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Jackie Chan’s Young Love Was A Taiwanese Singer

As disclosed by Jackie Chan in 2015, after almost thirty-five years in his autobiography; Teresa Teng, the late Taiwanese singer, was a close friend of his. But, the duo had a lot more going on before Chan eventually got married.

In chapter 14, named ‘The Fling’ in his autobiography – Never Grow Up, Jackie Chan finally confessed that he had feelings for Teng when they crossed paths during his first official Hollywood project, The Big Brawl in 1980.

Teresa Teng
Teresa Teng

Their meeting in Los Angeles was unexpected, but Chan couldn’t spend more time with her. In hopes to meet her again, he headed back to where was from. 

Teresa Teng had been performing incredibly well in Taiwan and Chan, in his book, explained that he came up with the idea as he had been looking for a place to shoot a film for his Chinese audience.

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Jackie Chan And Teresa Teng’s Shortlived But Intimate Story

The Big Brawl dented Jackie Chan’s image sufficiently enough for him to look for opportunities back home. But, he couldn’t forget his close encounter with Teng. 

Moving to Taiwan, he finally got the chance to meet his sweetheart and began his short love story over a couple of meals.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

He wrote –

“I went to one of her concerts, too. Sitting in a special box above the auditorium, I saw her looking up and knew she was gazing at me. The crowd clapped and shouted their hearts out for her, and I thought, ‘That’s my girlfriend.’”

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He knew from the beginning that they both were very different personalities and it would cause problems for his career down the road. Sadly, they had to part ways and it took a toll on Teng.

Jackie Chan’s latest action flick – Hidden Strike was released on July 6 and is currently streaming on Netflix.

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