‘Invisible City’ Canceled at Netflix; Won’t Return for Season 3

invisible city canceled netflix season 3

Picture: Netflix

First debuting on Netflix in 2021 and releasing its second season in March 2023, the fantasy series Invisible City, created by Carlos Saldanha, has been announced not to return for a third season.

Numerous Brazillian X accounts were Tweeting about the show’s cancelation, but most didn’t name the source. Thankfully, we dug and found that the actor Marco Pigossi was ultimately behind the cancelation news. Pigossi plays the main character, Eric, in the show.

In a post on Instagram on December 16th, the actor doesn’t explicitly say the show was canceled but does bid farewell to his character.

Translated into English (and replaced @’s with actual names, he says:

“Folha de S.Paulo released numbers and according to Netflix Brazil the first project to appear as one of the most watched in Brazil was Invisible City! What a lovely news ! I’m very proud to have been part of such a powerful and Brazilian project. I thank and congratulate everyone who has been a part of it. It was an honor to give life to Erik, I bid farewell to this character with much affection. Long live our audiovisual!”

Although many will be disappointed that the show will not return for a third season, we wouldn’t be discouraged from watching, given that season 2 ends quite nicely.

How well did Invisible City season 2 perform on Netflix?

The numbers referred to in that Instagram post come from the recently released Netflix engagement report that saw Invisible City season 2 take the #641 spot on the list of most engagement hours between January and June 2023. Season 1 took the #650 spot.

Following the release of season 2 in March 2023, the show featured in the global top 10s for non-English TV for only two weeks, picking up 18,98M hours:

Week Period Hours Viewed(M) Rank Week in Top 10
March 19th, 2023 to March 26th, 2023 11,130,000 9 1
March 26th, 2023 to April 2nd, 2023 7,850,000 (-29%) 6 2

Sadly, those numbers likely weren’t enough to warrant future seasons. Google Trends suggests the global interest in the show was over 50% less going into the second season.

Netflix does have a number of returning Brazillian shows on its roster, including Sintona returning for a final season, Good Morning, Verônica renewed for season 3, Back to 15 returning for a final third season, and Criminal Code was just recently renewed for a second season.

Are you disappointed that Invisible City won’t be returning for a season 3 at Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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