Is the Vince McMahon Documentary Still Happening at Netflix?

Is the Vince McMahon Documentary Still Happening at Netflix

In July 2022, it was heavily reported that the plug had been pulled on the highly anticipated Vince McMahon documentary. However, we’ve since learned that development on the documentary is still ongoing, and Mr. McMahon himself will not have a say in the final cut of the film.

As one of the most influential, and controversial figures in the history of professional wrestling, you could make a trilogy of documentaries centered around the life of Vince McMahon.

A documentary could be made on the past few years alone thanks to the impact of the global pandemic, the investigation into a $3 million dollar hush money settlement over a former affair, the merging of the WWE and UFC brands, and most recently being forced to relinquish creative control in the WWE.

vince over the years Is the Vince McMahon Documentary Still Happening at Netflix

Picture: Vince McMahon over the years.

Originally, the Vince McMahon documentary was meant to be a series, but it has recently been revealed that the documentary will now be a film instead.


In a conversation with Bloomberg editor Lucas Shaw on stage at the Screentime Conference, producer Bill Simmons was discussing the excitement he had for the project while revealing that while McMahon is an executive producer on the project, will “have access to clips” however, he will not have a say in the final cut of the film.

Simmons said the following;

“I really think it has the chance to be the best one I’ve been involved with,” Simmons said. “I’ll be interested to see what people think about that one.

It was a lot of time, and it was one where Netflix still has final cut of it and it was a little more old-school in the 30 for 30 model. I think it has a chance to be really special.”

It still remains unclear when the documentary is coming to Netflix, but given a release date hasn’t been announced yet, we’re now expecting to see the documentary on Netflix sometime in 2024.

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