MAPPA and Design COCO Unveil $350 Figure of Satoru Gojo Based on Statue From Jujutsu Kaisen Exhibit

Studio MAPPA and Design COCO revealed a 1/7 scale figure of Satoru Gojo from the series Jujutsu Kaisen. The figure features the strongest sorcerer surrounded by skeletons while inside the prison realm, a development that happened during the anime’s Shibuya Incident arc in episode 10 of the second season. The ominous style of Satoru Gojo’s 1/7 scale figure is based on the life-size statue of the same design displayed in the Jujutsu Kaisen pop-up store “Shibuya Incident – CLIMAX“:

The made-to-order “Satoru Gojo Shibuya Incident Arc 1/7 Scale Figure” is now officially available for pre-orders. The price is ¥49,830 (~$350.61) with tax included.

According to Design COCO, the figures are sculpted by top creators with excellent attention to detail and flawless skills in coloring — from the hair strands, facial features, the muscular body, to the powerful fingertips. In addition, the pedestal, which is based on the curse that sealed Satoru Gojo, is described as having a mysterious glow (LEDs sold separately) and realistic sculptures of hideous skeletons. Lastly, the light peeking out from Gojo’s iconic blue eyes, together with his relaxed smile, is a cool and chilling sight.

The ultimate Satoru Gojo, the strongest sorcerer, is now within everyone’s reach. Pre-orders are open until February 2024, or until the slots fill up.

Satoru Gojo Shibuya Incident Arc 1/7 Scale Figure Information

  • Product Name: MAPPA × Design COCO Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Incident Arc Satoru Gojo 1/7 Scale Figure
  • Series: Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Incident Arc
  • Sculptor/Paint: Design COCO (Art Director: A2C)/ Hinokiya
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Size: Approximately 228mm/ 9″ (including pedestal)
  • Material: PVC, ABS
  • Reservation period: December 15, 2023 – February 15, 2024
  • Target Release date: February 2025
  • Price: ¥49,830 (~$350.61) with tax included

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Jujutsu Kaisen is a manga by Akutami Gege. An anime adaptation by Studio MAPPA was released in 2020 with a total of 24 episodes, followed by the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie in 2021. Season 2 is currently ongoing and is set to have 23 episodes. Crunchyroll streams the anime and describes the plot:
Yuji Itadori is a boy with tremendous physical strength, though he lives a completely ordinary high school life. One day, to save a classmate who has been attacked by curses, he eats the finger of Ryomen Sukuna, taking the curse into his own soul. From then on, he shares one body with Ryomen Sukuna. Guided by the most powerful of sorcerers, Satoru Gojo, Itadori is admitted to Tokyo Jujutsu High School, an organization that fights the curses… and thus begins the heroic tale of a boy who became a curse to exorcise a curse, a life from which he could never turn back.

Source: Design COCO Website, Official X (formerly Twiter)
© Akutami Gege/Shueisha/Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee

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