Netflix Now Has Over 4,000 Netflix Originals

netflix library hits 4000 originals

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If you rewind ten years, Netflix was just getting started with their first-ever Netflix Original title, but fast forward to today, there are now over 4,000 Netflix Original movies, series, specials, and games available with your membership if you’re in the United States.

This 4,000 figure does have a few caveats.

Firstly, the number comprises movies and TV shows, but it also includes Netflix’s growing array of exclusive mobile games. At the time of publishing, that game count stands at 90 mobile and cloud games. In terms of just films and series, the number is at 3,900.

Secondly, the number of Originals does depend on where you live due to regional differences in exclusivity at specific times. For example, in the United States, the BBC series Bodyguard is considered an Original title, whereas in the UK, something like Better Call Saul is labeled as an Original. In the UK, Netflix’s Original count stands at 3,970, and most aren’t far away either.

Lastly, we should mention that this simply means unique titles. A series like Grace and Frankie that ran for eight seasons only counts as one title. You’ve also got making-of documentaries and smaller happy birthday titles that occupy a number here, too, so it’s not perfect.

57% of Netflix’s US Library Is Made Up Of Originals

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What percentage of the Netflix library is now made up of Original movie, series, and specials? We’ve been covering this stat for a while, and it has hit new milestones every year for the past few years. In August 2021, it hit 40%; in August 2022, it hit 50%. This summer, we reported that the percentage hit 55.

As it stands at the time of publishing, that percentage is now at 56%, so you can see that it’s slowing as we’re close to six months from that report, and 500+ new Originals have been released since then.

Why is this percentage slowing? There’s a bunch of reasons.

One is that Netflix is currently licensing more, whether TV shows or movies. The Netflix library in the US ballooned in the last year, with over 600 more titles streaming now than in December 2022. Netflix US’s total library count is now 6959 unique titles, including games.

It’s also the case that Netflix’s pipeline is slowing down, too. We’ll have more on this in the weeks in our year-end review, but that’s down to multiple reasons, not least the Hollywood strikes throughout this year.

How many of the 4,000 Netflix Originals have you watched or played? Let us know in the comments.

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