No, ‘Money Heist’ Isn’t Returning for Season 6 at Netflix

money heist not returning for season 6

Picture: Netflix

In our inbox this week is a question regarding whether rumors of Money Heist returning for a sixth season are true. Sadly, they appear to originate from Facebook pages, and the news isn’t grounded in reality. Here’s what we know.

As it stands, Money Heist remains one of Netflix’s most-watched international titles of all time. Part 4 is the second most watched non-English series only behind Squid Game.

As a result then, many will no doubt want to see a sixth season of the show. After all, the format of the show allows for more going forward even if our main characters storylines have all wrapped up.

Sadly, the show isn’t set to return for a sixth entry despite rumors flooding the internet, particularly Facebook.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had to debunk rumors that have originated from Facebook. In fact, this year, we’ve had to cover these pages several times, whether for 365 Days Part 4 or a second season of The Queen’s Gambit. There is one instance where the rumors turned into reality – we’re referring to Enola Holmes 3 now being in development – but for the most part, these pages are pure engagement bait.

Thankfully, we acquired one of the pages spreading misinformation and removed any misleading or incorrect posts.

We’ve put some of the posts we’ve spotted below, with many picking up thousands of likes and tens, if not hundreds of thousands of impressions. We’ve tried finding out the owners of these pages, but beyond knowing they’re operated out of India and Indonesia, their identities are unknown. The post on the far left can be seen employing AI, too.

facebook posts for money heist season 6

Fake posts for Money Heist season 6

Netflix is still in business with the creator of Money Heist, Alex Pina, who has worked with the streamer under an overall deal for many years. Said deal was re-upped in 2022. Pina is currently believed to be working on an “untitled series set in a luxury underground bunker” set during the pandemic.

There’s lots more Money Heist content on the way

Right around the corner is the first major Money Heist spin-off in the form of a prequel series that focuses on the beloved character of Berlin.

berlin netflix series coming in december 2023


There are two mobile games on the way, too. First up is expected to be Money Heist’s debut in the Netflix Stories app that was recently demoed at Geeked Week 2023. The first chapter is available now in the Netflix Stories app.

We’ve also got a stand-alone game being developed by KillaSoft.

One loose end is Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, which saw its last batch of episodes drop in June 2022 and has been quiet ever since. The series failed to muster much viewership according to the top 10s, leading us to believe that the series won’t be coming back, but watch this space.

Would you have liked to have seen Money Heist return for a sixth season?

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