Sorairo Utility Gets TV Anime Series

Yostar Pictures’ original work, Sorairo Utility, is getting a TV anime series The series was originally a special short episode that aired in 2021. Kengo Saito, who was the director and character designer for the 2021 work, will be returning as the director and character designer for the series. Yostar Pictures will once again be in charge of the animation production of the series.

To celebrate this occasion, Yostar Production released a teaser visual featuring the three main characters from the original work, Minami Aoba, Haruka Akane, and Ayaka Hoshimi, looking out towards the vast blue sky.

Sorairo utility

There is currently no set date for when the series will be airing. More information about Yostar Pictures golf-themed anime series will be released in the future.

  • Miyu Takagi (Miyu Okamoto from Wake Up, Girls!) as Minami Aoba
  • Yurina Amami as Haruka Akane
  • Ayasa Goto as Ayaka Hoshimi

There is currently no set date for when the series will be airing. Sorairo Utility is a golf-themed original anime work from Yostar Pictures. It was first aired in 2021 as a short episode. It follows the story of three girls: Minami Aoba, a high schooler who is troubled and sets off to find her special trait, a genius golfer, Haruka Akane, and Ayaka Hoshimi, who wants to be an influencer. Leaving school, Minami stumbled at a nearby golf practice range by chance. There she held a golf club-“the utility’ and learned about golf. Together with her friends, Haruka and Ayaka, they look for a chance where they be “protagonists” in their own story in the world of golf. Fans can watch the short episode of Sorairo Utility on Yostar Pictures’ official YouTube Channel.

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