‘Soulcatcher’ Netflix Polish Thriller: August Release Date and What We Know So Far

soulcatcher netflix polish thriller august release date what we know so far

Daniel Markowicz, the director of Netflix films as Lesson Plan and Bartowiak, has an exciting new thriller coming to the streaming service in August 2023. Titled Soulcatcher, the Polish thriller is centered around a mercenary sent on a mission to take down a warlord who is using a dangerous new experimental weapon. We have everything you need to know about Soulcatcher, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

Soulcatcher is an upcoming Polish Netflix Original thriller movie directed and co-written by Daniel Markowicz. David Kowalewicz co-wrote the film alongside Markowicz. Warsaw-based studio Lightcrasft was responsible for the production of the film. Soulcatcher is the 7th Polish Netflix Original movie to be released on the streaming service in 2023.

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When is the Soulcatcher Netflix release date?

With the release of the official trailer, we can confirm that Soulcatcher will be available to stream on Netflix on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023.

What is the plot of Soulcatcher?

The synopsis for Soulcatcher has been sourced from IMDb:

“”Kiel” used to work for Polish services fighting terrorism, and now he is a mercenary acting on behalf of a private military company. Together with his brother Piotr, he accepts a lucrative mission in a country ruled by a local warlord. Although the task seems simple, it turns out that they have to face a dangerous experimental weapon.”

Who are the cast members of Soulcatcher?

Piotr Witkowski plays the lead role of Kiel. Soulcatcher is the Polish actor’s fourth Netflix project to date, after previously starring in films such as Bartkowiak, Erotica 2022, and the Netflix limited series Queen.

Piotr Witkowski soulcatcher netflix polish thriller august release date what we know so far

Pictured: Piotr Witkowski

Jacek Koman is also a cast member, however, we’re not sure which role he will be playing at the time of writing. Some Netflix subscribers will recognize Koman for his role as The Unconscious Argentinean in Baz Luhrmann’s musical Moulin Rouge. Koman has starred in multiple Netflix projects such as Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me, Tidelands, and The Woods.

jacek koman soulcatcher netflix polish thriller august release date what we know so far

Pictured: Jacek Koman

The remaining cast is as follows;

  • Jacek Poniedzialek (Television Theater)
  • Mariusz Bonaszewski (Krew z krwi)
  • Aleksandra Adamska (America)
  • Vansh Luthra (Two Words as the Key)
  • Sebastian Stankiewicz (Mister T.)
  • Mateusz Mlodzianowski (Operation: Sunrise)
  • Michalina Olszanska (I, Olga Hepnarova)
  • Michal Burdan (Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight)
  • Mateusz Rzezniczak (Strazacy)
  • Jacek Knap (In for a Murder)

What is the runtime?

Soulcatcher has a reported runtime of 98 minutes.

What is the parental rating?

In the USA, Soulcatcher has been given a TV-MA rating. In the UK the film has been rated 15.

Are you going to be watching Soulcatcher on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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