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“This will do until The Dark Knight comes out”: Robert Downey Jr Admitted Only $1B Christian Bale Movie Had the Power to Destroy MCU and Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr’s performance as Admiral Strauss in Oppenheimer took the world by surprise. His acting was absolutely remarkable and fans could not begin to imagine the amount of effort he put into the role to make it as brilliant as it turned out. His work as an actor has never been questioned because of his iconic role as Tony Stark in …

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“I was not onboard”: Benedict Cumberbatch Admitted Pursuing $234M Film as Warner Bros Only Wanted Leonardo DiCaprio for Leading Role

Benedict Cumberbatch has become a highly sought-after leading man in Hollywood following his breakout performance in the hit BBC series Sherlock. But there was a time when Cumberbatch had to fight just to get an audition for what would become one of his most acclaimed roles – portraying pioneering mathematician Alan Turing in 2014’s Oscar-winning film The Imitation Game. In …

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