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New Viewing Data Released for ‘One Piece’, ‘Survival of the Thickest’, ‘Beef’ and ‘Glamorous’

Pictures: Netflix Netflix has been slowly opening up on its viewership data on many of its titles, but third-party companies like PlumResearch can provide more significant insights into how well shows are doing through different lenses. Below, they put four Netflix shows up against each other.  We’ve featured PlumResearch data before. You may recall that we recently talked about some …

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Nine Takeaways from the Recent Netflix Data Viewership Dump

Pictures: DreamWorks Television / Netflix / MoonBug Entertainment Out of nowhere, Netflix dropped the most insane data dump of content performance across more than 18,000 titles, covering the first half of 2023. Thanks, Netflix. Some of us have stuff to do… like partake in Christmas merriment… and, maybe, sleep… In typical Netflix style, the dataset is a tough wrangle. A …

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