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Netflix Drops Trailer For ‘The Crown’ Season 6 Part 1

Pictures: Netflix With three weeks left to go before the release of the first half of The Crown’s sixth and final season on Netflix, the streaming service has dropped the first trailer for Peter Morgan’s landmark series. After five phenomenal seasons of television under its belt, The Crown, creator Peter Morgan’s dramatized take on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II …

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Ahsoka Series Merch Drops More Details on Anakin Skywalker Than Intended

When it comes to major franchises, merchandise often offers more than just a trendy tee or a statement hoodie. Sometimes, it provides a treasure trove of hints for what’s coming next. For ardent Star Wars fans, a recent merchandise listing might have just delivered one of the most thrilling teasers yet regarding Disney+’s upcoming Ahsoka series. Seventeen years after his …

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