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“‘Look, put a top on her”: Mel Gibson’s Controversial Movie Lead Jim Caviezel Refused To Watch Jennifer Lopez Get Naked In $53M Romantic Film Starring Iron Man Star

Surely many people may have heard the saying, which states that an actor or actress should be like water, no matter which container they are placed in, they should mold themselves in its shape. And while many may adhere to this saying to boot, stars like Jim Caviezel are some exceptions who are closely attached to their beliefs and ideologies. …

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“We were getting desperate”: Sandra Bullock Would Have Put Keanu Reeves’ Acting Career in Serious Trouble Had She Accepted Offer From $1.7B Franchise

The pairing of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves is one that lingered on every fan when they first saw Speed. Two talented actors that shared so much chemistry to be in one movie together was an incredible sight to behold. So it was only natural to also focus on them individually with regard to their growing careers. Sandra Bullock Both Bullock and …

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