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Will ‘The Chosen’ Seasons 2-3 be on Netflix?

Picture: The Chosen – Angel Original / Angel Studios Netflix added the historical drama series The Chosen in regions such as the United States in mid-September 2023 but only picked up one season of the show. Will more be on the way? Where can you watch until those new seasons get added? Written, directed, and produced by Dallas Jenkins, The …

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Even More Seasons of One Piece Anime Coming to Netflix in October 2023

Pictured: One Piece – TOEI Animation We voyage once more as even more seasons of the One Piece anime are coming to Netflix in October 2023! The One Piece anime found another new place to call home when the East Blue and Alabasta sagas were added to Netflix in June 2020. For over three years Netflix US has been drip-fed …

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When Will Riverdale Seasons 1-7 Leave Netflix?

Picture: The CW Riverdale has ended after six years, with all seven seasons currently streaming in most regions of Netflix worldwide, including now the United States. How long will Riverdale stay on Netflix for? Let’s take a look. Set in the fictional town of Riverdale, an idyllic small town filled with dark secrets and mysteries, we’ve seen Archie Andrews and …

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