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‘Friends’ Sees Netflix Viewing Bump Following Matthew Perry Death

Picture: Warner Bros. Television Following the passing of Matthew Perry, aged 54, many have taken to rewatching Friends in its entirety or their favorite episodes, with the show ranking again in the top 10s in dozens of Netflix regions around the world and on Max.  Tributes for the late star have been flooding over the past few days, with Perry’s …

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Every Samba TV Netflix Movie Viewing Statistic Released

Pictures: Samba TV / Netflix Welcome to another rundown of every stat released by the TV insights company Samba TV. Below, we’ll run through all their released viewing stats (whether through their socials or through somewhere else) for Netflix’s newly released movies for the past three years.  How does Samba TV get its data? As described on its own website, …

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Every Samba Netflix TV Series Viewing Statistic Released

Cr. Netflix / Samba TV Data transparency has become a hot-button issue in the world of streaming. Thanks to numerous companies and Netflix itself, we’ve got a good idea of what’s working and what’s not in recent years. One of the companies releasing data publicly is Samba TV, and below is a catalog of every Samba TV movie and TV …

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