‘The 8 Show’ Netflix K-drama Season 1: Everything We Know So Far

the 8 show netflix k drama preview

Pictured: Ryu Joon Yeol (left),Chun Woo Hee (center), and Park Jung Min (right)

Has Netflix already found its new Squid Game? Many subscribers will ask that question with the upcoming adaptation of Bae Jin Soo’s Money Game. Titled The 8 Show, it features a star-studded cast that every subscriber should be excited for. We’ll keep track of everything you need to know about The 8 Show, including the plot, cast news, and the Netflix release date.

The 8 Show is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original thriller drama series written and directed by Han Jae Rim and is an adaptation of the Korean webtoon Money Game by Bae Jin Soo.

What is the plot of The 8 Show?

The synopsis of The 8 Show has been sourced from Asianwiki:

“8 people in need of money are invited to appear on reality variety show Money Game. The 8 people are to stay at the studio that consists of nothing but concrete walls. If they are able to hang in there for 100 days, they can divide the winning prize of 44.8 billion won equally. But, everything they spend for, including necessities like food, water, electricity, costs 1,000 times more than normal prices and are deducted from the winning prize.”

The 8 Show and Squid Game share some similarities, what will be interesting is whether or not the former can match even half of the popularity of the latter. Given just how large Squid Game is, even if The 8 Show saw a quarter of the same success it would still be a huge hit for Netflix.

Who are the cast members of The 8 Show?

There are eight confirmed lead roles for The 8 Show.

Ryu Joon Yeol has been cast in the role of Jin Soo. The actor has starred in fewer drama roles and is most well-known for parts in films such as Alienoid, Money, Believer, Taxi Driver, and Little Forest. The 8 Show will be the actor’s first Netflix Original.

the 8 show netflix k drama Ryu Joon Yeol

Pictured: Ryu Joon Yeol Taxi Driver (left) and Alienoid (right)

Chun Woo Hee has been cast in the role of Se Ra. So far, the actress has only had one role in a Netflix series, in the 2019 K-drama Be Melodramatic. She has made a name for herself by starring in films such as Rustle, A Little Princess, The Beauty Inside, Love Lies, and many more.

the 8 show netflix k drama Chun Woo Hee

Picture: Chun Woo Hee in Be Melodramatic (left) and Agron (right)

Park Jung Min has been cast in the role of Philip. The actor’s appearances on Netflix have been limited, with Hellbound fans recognizing him as Bae Young Jae. He also has a guest appearance in an episode of Mr. Sunshine. The actor has found success in movie roles, starring in films such as Deliver Us From Evil, Miracle: Letters to the President, Start-Up, and Keys to the Heart.

Park Hae Joon has been cast, but the role’s name has yet to be revealed. The actor starred in one of the most popular K-dramas in history, The World of the Married. Netflix subscribers will be more familiar with him as Moo Baek in all three parts of Arthdal Chronicles.

the cast of the 8 show

Pictured from Top Left to Bottom Right: Ryu Joon Yeol, Chun Woo Hee, Park Jung Min, Lee Yeol Eum, Bae Sung Woo, Park Hae Joon, Moon Jung Hee, and Bae Sung Woo.

Bae Sung Woo has been cast in the role of Sang Gook. The actor has only starred in one Netflix Original, in 2018 as Oh Yang Chon in the beloved police drama Live. The actor has featured prominently in film roles in movies such as The King, Metamorphosis, The Phone, Office, and The Phone.

Moon Jung Hee has been cast in the role of Moon Jung. Her role in The 8 Show is her first leading role in a Netflix series, having previously starred in a guest role in Mystic Pop-Up Bar and a supporting role in Vagabond.

Lee Yeol Eum has been cast, but the role’s name has yet to be revealed. The actress starred alongside Song Kang in the 2021 romantic drama Nevertheless.

Lee Joo Young has been cast in the role of Chun Ja. The actress was recently seen in Believer 2 as Joo Young. She also starred in supporting roles in The School Nurse Files and Live.

What is the production status of The 8 Show?

Official Production Status: Pre-production (Last Updated: 14/12/2023)

At the time of writing The 8 Show is reportedly in pre-production. Filming dates have yet to be revealed but we expect to learn more soon.

When is the Netflix release date for The 8 Show?

We won’t learn the release date for The 8 Show for a significant period of time.

With filming expected to take place sometime in 2024, we’d be extremely lucky to see the K-drama on Netflix before the end of 2024. A more realistic release would be in early 2025.

Could The 8 Show be Netflix’s new Squid Game or something else entirely? Let us know in the comments below!

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