Three Major Netflix Movies Missing in Action From Netflix’s 2024 Lineup

The Old Guard 2 Missing From Netflix 2024 Roster

The Old Guard – Picture: Netflix

Netflix has just officially previewed its 2024 movie slate and for the most part, there’s a lot to look forward to. The list wasn’t without some big omissions, however. Below, we’ll take a look at the three huge movies that weren’t included.

Before we dig in, Netflix has stressed that the lists don’t quite represent Netflix’s full offerings for the year, and as with all things, everything is subject to change.

You can see all the announced titles from Netflix’s 2024 Next on Netflix movie slate reveal here.

The Old Guard 2 

production on the old guard 2

Cast your mind back to 2020, where we saw the release of The Old Guard, the action-driven comic book adaptation headlined by actress Charlize Theron. The movie did big numbers for Netflix when it was released in July of that year and was soon given the green light for a sequel.

A sequel was soon greenlit with Victoria Mahoney as the big change-up for the sequel, coming in to do directing duties replacing Gina Prince-Bythewood. Production took place on the sequel between June 2022 and October 2022; we’ve heard nothing about the feature film since.

Given we’re coming up on two years since the movie shot, it being missing from the 2024 roster is worrying.

The Electric State

the electric state 2024 movie

Picture: Simon Stålenhag

The biggest glaring movie missing from the 2024 roster in our eyes is The Electric State. The big-budget movie starring Chris Pratt and Millie Bobbie Brown was initially scheduled for release this year, according to a Variety piece last year.

That said, the movie isn’t on the roster for this year despite having wrapped filming last year. Could this one be looking for reshoots or is the post-production that expansive that it just can’t release this year?


havoc netflix set picture

Picture: Gareth Evans

Our final big missing title from the list is Havoc, the action-led movie headlined by Tom Hardy and directed by Gareth Evans.

Recent reporting from The Insneider does provide some context as to what may have caused the delay with this film, with reshoots reportedly causing issues for the production. That said, we really hope Netflix can squeeze this highly anticipated Tom Hardy flick in by the close of the year.

Of course, this list could’ve been bigger, but we just recently learned of changed fates in the case of two films. The first big film that won’t be getting released in 2024 (or at all, for that matter) is the Halle Berry movie The Mothership. That was announced to be canned by Netflix last week, given that significant reshoots were needed.

The second is Dev Patel’s Monkey Man, which was recently announced to be switching distributors despite having already filmed with the intention of releasing it on Netflix. That will instead now head for a theatrical release via Universal. The reasons why this movie swapped distributors isn’t clear – Netflix declined to comment when asked, but one report suggests it could be sensitivities with the Indian government.

Are you disappointed to see some of these movies on the list of missing titles in the 2024 slate reveal? Let us know in the comments.

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