‘Weak Hero Class 2’ K-Drama is Coming to Netflix in 2024

weak hero class season 2 netflix 2024 preview

Picture: Weak Hero Class – Playlist Studio

Netflix has picked up the exclusive rights to the second season of Weak Hero Class. Currently in pre-production, we expect filming to get underway sometime in early 2024. We’ll track everything you need to know about Weak Hero Class, including the plot, cast news, production updates, and the Netflix release date.

Weak Hero Class 2 is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original action K-drama based on the webtoon Weak Hero from SeoPass illustrated by Kim Jin Seok. Han Hee Jun is the creator of the K-drama, with Park Hee Dan to direct. Yoon Min Soo is the writer of the K-drama.

Kim Jin Myung and Park Won Tae are the two executive producers of the series.

When is Weak Hero Class 2 coming to Netflix?

At the time of writing, there is no confirmed release date or a preliminary release date for Weak Hero Class 2. So far, we know that the K-drama is due to arrive sometime on Netflix in 2024.

What is the plot of Weak Hero Class 2?

The synopsis for Weak Hero Class 2 has been sourced from webtoons.com;

“Once the bullies target you, it’s game over. The school is run by tyrants whose favorite hobby is tormenting the weakest kids in class. But then Shi Eun arrived. This mysterious new student threatens to dismantle the established order. He may be small in stature, but his calculative and brutal fighting leaves unsuspecting opponents lying on the floor begging for mercy. Now the school’s toughest bullies have to scramble to take down this new and unusual hero.”

Who are the cast members of Weak Hero Class 2?

Of the original leading cast, the only person returning to reprise their role is Park Ji Hoon in the role of Yeon Shi Eun / Gray Yeon. Park Ji Hoon previously had a guest role in an episode of the Netflix series Remarriage and Desires. The actor is also known for leading roles in other K-dramas such as Love Revolution, Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage, and At a Distance Spring Is Green.

weak hero class season 2 netflix 2024 park ji hoon

Picture: Park Ji Hoon in Love Revolution and Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage

Yoo Soo Bin, who previously held a guest role in the first season, has been promoted to one of the leading cast members in the role of Choi Hyo Man / Colton Choi. The actor has been seen previously on Netflix in dramas such as D.P., Crash Landing on You, Start-Up, Live, and Prison Playbook.

weak hero class season 2 netflix 2024 yoo soo bin

Picture: Yoo Soo Bin in Start-Up and Prison Playbook

Five more actors make up the remaining leading roles;

  • Ryeoun (Adult Trainee) as Park Hu Min / Ben Park
  • Bae Na Ra (Evilive) as Na Baek Jin / Donald Na
  • Lee Min Jae (Oh! Youngsim) as Go Hyun Tak / Alex Go
  • Lee Jun Young (May I Help You) as Keum Seong Je / Wolf Keum
  • Choi Min Young (Twenty-Five Twenty-One) as Seo Jun Tae / Eugene Gale

What is the episode count?

The series is expected to be released with eight episodes. Each episode will have an approximate runtime of sixty minutes.

What is the production status of Weak Hero Class 2?

Official Production Status: Pre-Production (Last Update: 13/12/2023)

The K-drama is reportedly in pre-production. We’re waiting to learn when filming is due to begin.

Is Weak Hero Class coming to Netflix?

At the time of writing, Weak Hero Class is unavailable to stream in any region on Netflix. The K-drama is only available to stream on platforms such as iQIYI, Viki, and Wavve.

We would expect Netflix to attempt to license the series before the arrival of Weak Hero Class 2.

Are you looking forward to watching Weak Hero Class 2 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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