“What I chose to do with my life is really stupid”: Matt Damon Regretted His Life Decisions After Christian Bale’s Movie Made Him Uncomfortable

Matt Damon is one of the A-listers of the Hollywood industry, known for his versatile acting talents. The Oppenheimer star is one of the best action heroes and has given numerous hits like The Departed, Jason Bourne, The Martian, Air, Saving Private Ryan, and more. The star is among the most successful and accomplished actors, however, there have been moments when he felt insecure about his acting career.

Christian Bale and Matt Damon in a still from Ford V Ferrari
Christian Bale and Matt Damon in a still from Ford V Ferrari

Damon worked with Batman star Christian Bale in the film Ford v Ferrari, however, the shoot was not too favorable for the actor. The star revealed questioning his career choice and feeling insecure on set.

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Matt Damon revealed feeling insecure on sets of Ford v Ferrari

All the actors have good and bad days, and Matt Damon experienced difficult days while shooting for his film with Bale. The immensely talented actor revealed feeling insecure and self-conscious while on the sets of the movie.

The interstellar star shared in an interview with The Off Camera Show,

“I took two years off, and I’d just worked again. It’s a long time, and the first day that I was on set I was in these pants and I’d kind of been avoiding the fact that I was going to work. So I didn’t take the pants and break them in. And I had a cowboy hat on, it didn’t feel comfortable on my head. And I had cowboy boots that I hadn’t broken in.”

Christian Bale and Matt Damon
Christian Bale and Matt Damon

He added that he was extremely uncomfortable in his outfit, which made him doubt his career choice. Damon added,

“I was walking, we were shooting out at Willow Springs and it was 100-something degrees … And I walked, and on my way to set, I just thought, ‘This is really dumb. This is a really stupid thing to do. What I chose to do with my life is really stupid. What am I doing? Why am I wearing these f****** boots? This is really dumb.”

Damon revealed that it was a challenging experience to work in the movie after a break of two years.

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Matt Damon opened up on his insecurities rooted in personal loss

The actor shared that after a bit of self-reflection, he realized that the costume of the role was not the actual problem. Damon shared,

“It was coming from this insecurity, ‘cause I’d come out of this really hard couple of years where I’d lost my dad. And I’d spent the last year in the f****** hospital with him, and then we just took off and went to Australia …”

Matt Damon is one of Hollywood's most loved actors of all time
Matt Damon

Good Will Hunting shared that the insecurity was due to self-doubt as he was still grieving after the loss of his father. He had projected those feelings toward the job. 

“I was playing a guy who could sell you anything. Carol Shelby, he was this bigger-than-life guy, right? And could sell anything to anybody. And that wasn’t how I was feeling. I was feeling a lot more fragile than that, and a lot more — I had gone through this existential crisis with my dad in his end-of-life stuff. So I think that was kind of beneath that feeling of ‘This is stupid,’ was like, ‘I’m scared. I can’t do this.’ And I hadn’t felt like that in a while.”

Ford v Ferrari was released in 2019 and grossed $225.5 million worldwide. The movie is available for streaming on Hulu and Direct TV.

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