Why ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ is Unlikely to Return for Season 2

why scott pilgrim is unlikely to return for season 2

Picture: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off – Netflix

Thirteen years after its film adaptation, Netflix recently released the anime adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s beloved comic Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. After a resounding success with fans, some have been left to wonder whether a second season of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off will happen on Netflix. Sadly, we don’t think a second season of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is happening anytime soon.

The serialization of the Scott Pilgrim comic began in 2004 when it was published by Oni Press. After six years, the comic came to an end in 2010, when, ironically, the movie adaptation of the comic was released. Despite the movie’s box office bomb, it earned its status as a cult classic, and amongst fans considered to be one the most underrated action comedies of the 21st Century.

For the anime adaptation, creator and illustrator of the Scott Pilgrim comic, Bryan Lee O’Malley returned as an executive producer, writer, and co-showrunner alongside Ben David Grabinski. The hype surrounding the release of the Scott Pilgrim animated series was the return of practically every actor from the original cast returning to reprise their role. The series was animated by the Japanese-based studio Science SARU.

Has Scott Pilgrim Takes Off been renewed for a second season?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 24/11/2023)

At the time of writing Scott Pilgrim Takes Off has yet to be renewed by Netflix. The series has only been available to stream on Netflix for a week so it’s unsurprising that we haven’t heard any news regarding potential renewal.

So far the biggest impact the series has had on Netflix was its debut at 3rd place in the United States top ten. However, the series has since dropped down to tenth place. In total Scott Pilgrim Takes Off has made its way into the top ten lists of 36 countries and territories around the world.

top10 tv united states 10 nov 13 nov 19 2023

The series has yet to enter the global top ten list, however, it only had three days to break into that week’s list. It’s more likely that weekly Netflix viewing data between November 20th and November 27th will feature the animated series.

Will a second season of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off happen?

It’s highly unlikely we’ll see a second season of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off.

The story of Scott Pilgrim is a huge what-if. Rather than a direct adaptation of the comic books, or the movie adaptation, the story went in its own unique direction, which started with Scott’s loss to Matthew Patel, the first of the seven evil exes.

Thanks to Scott’s disappearance after losing to Matthew, Ramona Flowers took center stage for the majority of the series. This level of focus allowed the show to dive further into not only her character but that of her seven evil exes, and other side characters too.

mathew patel scott pilgrim netflix season 2 jpg

Picture: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off – Netflix

The big plot twist of the series was the discovery that the person who made Scott disappear was his 37-year-old future self. The older Scott had fallen out with Ramona, which led to a divorce, making him bitter. To save himself from that pain he tried to convince his younger self to break up with Ramona.

Deciding against listening to his future self, Scott decides he wants to be with Ramona regardless of the future. However, the older Scott tricked young Scott into ingesting nanobots with the power to create a force field with every attempt to kiss Ramona.

romana scott kiss forcefield netflix season 2 jpg

Picture: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off – Netflix

In the final showdown, an even older 47-year-old Scott would reveal himself as the true final villain. After spending ten years training in isolation, the even older Scott traveled to the past to kick the ass of younger self, and anyone else that could stand in his way.

The future Ramona would save the day. Traveling back in time to confront her eighth evil ex, she berates him for allowing their relationship to fall apart. The younger Romana realizes that in order for the future to change, she is the one who must change, and merges with her older self to become Super Ramona.

older scott pilgrim scott pilgrim netflix season 2 jpg

Picture: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off – Netflix

Super Romana sends even older Scott back to his own time. She also breaks the barrier between her and younger Scott, kissing him. Now attempting to get over her fear of commitment, and let herself love, she returns herself and Scott back to Matthew’s play. It’s here she tells Scott she’ll stop running from love and that she loves him.

super roman scott kiss netflix season 2 jpg

Picture: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off – Netflix

In the aftermath, everyone has begun to move on with their lives. Ramona is now a stunt double, and while Scott is pretty stationary, he and Ramona are taking the time to improve themselves and their relationship.

Matthew returns Gideon’s empire to him in exchange for continuing his play. Lucas is working at the coffee shop, while Roxie is helping Todd become a vegan again. The Katayanagi twins are learning to be better people, and Envy Adams is working with Knives and Stephen on producing music.

How does the ending set up a sequel?

In Gideon’s lair, he and his new girlfriend Julie are watching Scott on a series of screens where Gideon sinisterly states “It’s time for the real game to begin.” This could set up the series for a sequel season. However, Bryan Lee O’Malley has already revealed that the post-ending credit scene with Gideon was just a “Fun little parody of post-credit scenes,” which is clearly poking fun at other superheroes franchises such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe which started the post-credit ending scene trend.

O’Malley had more to say about a sequel season;

“If we ever did magically get to make more, maybe we could play with that idea… But it really was just something we threw out there as a fun little thing. And it does end the story arc for those two, now they’re together.”

gideon graves scott pilgrim netflix season 2 jpg

Picture: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off – Netflix

Would you like to see a second season of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off? Let us know in the comments below!

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