Will There Be A ‘Purple Hearts 2’ on Netflix?

will there be a purple hearts 2 on netflix

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As we hit the one-year anniversary of the arrival of Purple Hearts, you may have seen viral posts on Facebook suggesting a sequel to the movie is on the way. Sadly, that’s not the case as it stands. 

Starring Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine, Purple Hearts is one of Netflix’s best and most-watched romantic movies of all time. Based on the novel by Tess Wakefield, the movie tells the story of an aspiring musician who agrees to a marriage of convenience with a soon-to-deployed Marine.

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Before Netflix switched to its new 91-day metric to cover its all-time top-performing titles, Purple Hearts ranked as the ninth most-watched movie of all time, with 228.69 million hours watched within the first 28 days globally on the service.

Fake Facebook Posts Suggest A Sequel is Coming Soon

Over the past few weeks, we’ve posted numerous times about fake news floating about on Facebook regarding news on movies and series getting sequels when they are not. It started with The Queen’s Gambit and recently, we noticed viral posts about 365 Days 4 coming out. Both are, sadly, not true.

The pages in question are all Netflix fan pages that earn money through affiliate programs. There are multiple fake pages including “Netflix Addict,” “The Netflix Memes,” and “Netflix Daily Updates.”

Over the past few months, they’ve regularly posted about Purple Hearts 2 “coming soon,” and sadly, it’s not currently the case that there’s going to be a sequel. Many of the posts pick up tens of thousands of likes and shares.

purple hearts 2 fake news posts facebook

Fake posts on Facebook for Purple Hearts 2

Most posts also contain links to fellow Netflix news site, Netflix Life which purportedly backs up the claim of there being a sequel. Sadly, if you navigate to said page, it says no such thing. In fact, here’s what it says:

“As of May 2023, Netflix has not indicated that a sequel is in the works. The chances of there being a Purple Hearts 2 are slim to none. The romantic drama wraps up pretty neatly, with Cassie and Luke ending up together. So, a continuation of the story seems unnecessary.”

Why are these pages spreading false information, then? They get paid to send traffic to NetflixLife, and making up good news about a sequel earns them likes, reach, and clicks.

What has been said about a sequel of Purple Hearts?

Not much, but the movie’s producers did have some thoughts following the initial release in 2022, but as of August 2023, there are no official plans or any active rumblings of a sequel.

Speaking to Variety, Sofia Carson potentially teased a sequel and what it could be about, saying:

“Now fans have kind of been demanding a sequel and there’s so many fan theories and fan stories and potential spinoffs, so of course it’s lovely to think of a life for Cassie and Luke beyond this film. I adore being Cassie and I’d be curious to see where it goes. Who knows. You never know!”

In that same interview, Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum (the producer on the movie) echoed Carson’s sentiments, saying:

“We wouldn’t do anything unless we really, really loved it, because we want to stay true to the integrity. We haven’t landed on anything specific yet. It’s always a possibility.”

We have two pieces of good news to close out this article.

Sofia Carson will soon be appearing in another Netflix Original movie. Expected to land in 2024, Carson will appear alongside Taron Egerton in Carry On.

The other piece of good news is that last year, we revealed how long Netflix will keep the movie. As you may know, Netflix acquired the rights to the movie from Alloy Entertainment and will stream it for 30 years, with it currently set to expire in 2052.

Would you have liked to see a Purple Hearts 2 on Netflix? Let us know in the comment section below, and of course, if there are any updates regarding a sequel, we’ll keep you updated here.

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